This is one of our smaller electrical projects completed in Brighton. It was a project introduced to us by a main building contractor.

Our job was to take charge of the electrical installation and assist with the electrical design. As you can see there is an array of lighting that has been wired into separate zones so that they can be configured to create different moods.

Fashions have changed and kitchens are not where the cook lives! They are now used to entertain and gather as a family. It is important when considering alterations to get the lighting right with your electrician and builder.

Another factor to consider is sockets and power, often overlooked but not always easy to add as an after thought. Its important to have a good plan of the kitchen layout ahead of time so that your electrician can suggest good positions. Its easy to add points at the building stage so don’t be frightened of adding extras. A socket installed at building stage can cost anywhere between £35 and £60 + VAT depending on circumstances. However to add one later can cost anywhere between £60 and £200 + VAT plus decorating costs again depending on circumstances.

So that’s it another successful kitchen re-wire by GO electrical.

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